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Who can be a volunteer?

Skillsets of all types are needed

(For more detailed information, please read and download the Resource Guide.)

  • Documentation: Being in good physical condition will be essential for hiking the HMA to document individual animals. Some of the HMA’s have extensive road systems that may make some documentation possible from the vehicle.

  • Off-Road Driving: Experienced off-road drivers will be charged with driving. BLM may require proficiency in volunteer UTV operation (BLM- or volunteer-owned vehicle). This is an easy test and can be studied online. 

  • Photography: This is an important part of the documentation and a valuable tool for volunteers who have a strengths and talents in this area. Creating a “Horse Guide” for each herd will be helpful for volunteers, visitors, and the BLM

  • PZP Application: To be a field darter, the volunteer will complete a course from the Science and Conservation Center. For more information, check out here: or email  There will be only a few people certified for each herd.

  • PZP Documentation: This documenter goes along with the field darter and takes extensive, accurate notes. This includes which horse in which band is darted, the date it was darted, which hip was darted, did the dart fall out, and was the dart recovered. 

  • Bait Trapping: There may be a small number of volunteers who may assist the BLM with bait trapping, following the lead from the individuals in charge.


Please see the Resource Guide for more detailed information or if you have further questions,  contact us!

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